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  • Dylan Meeus

    Dylan Meeus

    Gopher | workwithgo.com | github.com/DylanMeeus | Tech lead @dploy.ai

  • Vinay Kakade

    Vinay Kakade

  • Nick Gerleman

    Nick Gerleman

    Software Engineer in Training

  • Jamie Logie

    Jamie Logie

    Some health, a little marketing, and a lot of 80s| The Startup, The Ascent, Better Marketing/Humans, PSILY|

  • Jacob Young

    Jacob Young

    amateur of the universe | jacoby.world

  • Chetan Kaushik

    Chetan Kaushik

    Engineering @GojekTech | Musician | Chess Player

  • Tom Redman

    Tom Redman

    “the Data Doc,” helps organizations chart courses to data-driven futures, with special emphasis on quality and data science. www.dataqualitysolutions.com

  • Fadhriga Bestari

    Fadhriga Bestari

    An up and coming software engineer, learning to love to write.

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